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    Don't worry we won’t go far, we will be just around the corner(s)!

    Why? You might ask?.... Well, as for most of us, the last 2 years have been challenging.

    It’s been hard seeing our bustling and exciting industry come to a halt, with many of our customers still without any face paint gigs or make up jobs.

    This has slowly started to make it harder and harder to keep our wonderful staff and proper opening hours.

    For those that know our company a little better, you know that in the last 5 years we have been branching out in different sectors and we created a sister company called MEDICFX. At MEDCFX we sculpt and create silicone medical simulation products, like trauma, realistic  babies and various body parts. This side of the business has been growing and we now  have several distributors all around the world!

    Thankfully, MEDICFX has been able to carry BODYFX through these tough times.

    Our production for MEDICFX happens in our workshop space, across the road from our retail shop, some of you might have done a workshop there.

    While our MEDICFX head office is 2 doors down from our shop (and we live upstairs)

    So with 3 locations and not enough staff Yolanda (me, the boss lady) ends up running up and down all day to make sure everything and everyone is doing ok, that the work gets done and our loyal customers are happy!

    Next to that we have internet, power, rent and rates for 3 locations…which definitely adds up!

    We were considering moving to an online-only store, until an awesome opportunity popped up out of nowhere! An epic warehouse which is reasonably priced, absolutely massive AND right in the middle of Morningside! Only a 5 minute walking distance from our shop!

    We’re excited to announce we have signed the papers yesterday and this is actually happening!!!

    It will be a massive undertaking, but we’ll be able to have everything under one roof. 

    Our BODYFX shop will be back to normal opening hours and we will be able to teach more classes…. Perhaps even have a (monster?) school.
    MEDICFX will have a proper showroom and our simulation products will be available to the public as well.
    We will be able to create everything we make for both companies in the same space, and our staff will be able to hang out with all other staff <3

    We have loved seeing our company and our shop grow over the last 12 years, but it’s time for a change…Us lil goldfish will be able to grow in a MUCH larger bowl!

    We are super excited (and slightly freaked out) to make this massive change, and are hoping to take you all on this journey with us! You can follow what we’re up to on our instagram stories and reels. 

    I can’t wait to see you all of your faces at our new premises at 10 Collins street, Morningside!!! Yeeeha!

    PS: This month will be messy, shop will close for a little and there will be delays in shipping…but we will keep you up to date when this will apply..