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Our Guide to Fake Blood

• STAGE BLOOD- Is our most popular and universal blood consistency. Similar to golden syrup.

• COAGULATED BLOOD - is perfect for filling wounds as it's less likely to drip.

• SQUIRT BLOOD- Our Runniest blood, perfect for dripping, spattering and squirting.

• SCRATCH BLOOD - Our thickest blood, great for creating scratches and grazes - similar consistency to marmite.

• BLOOD JAM- Smooth and jammy consistency

All of our FX bloods will dry but remain looking fresh and shiny. All fake bloods (regardless of brand) may stain skin and will stain clothing. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!!

Light bloods are generally used for shallow wounds as veinous blood, while dark blood is used for deep cuts and arterial blood. The deeper the cut the deeper the colour!