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Pencils and Liners

Precision Eye Liner $ 35.50 NZD
Eye Liner Pencils
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Eye Liner Pencils $ 23.50 NZD
Pro Pencil Slim
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Pro Pencil Slim $ 16.50 NZD
Black Cake Eyeliner $ 25.50 NZD
Mediapro Eye Definers $ 10.00 NZD $ 25.50 NZD
Detailz Black
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Detailz Black $ 18.00 NZD
Detailz White
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Detailz White $ 18.00 NZD
Detailz Red
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Detailz Red $ 18.00 NZD
Eyebrow Pencils
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Eyebrow Pencils $ 23.50 NZD
Shimmer Crayons
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Shimmer Crayons $ 22.90 NZD
Lip Pencil
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Lip Pencil $ 25.50 NZD
Lip Liner Caberet
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Lip Liner Caberet $ 21.00 NZD
Lip Liner Expresso
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Lip Liner Expresso $ 21.00 NZD
Lip Liner Desire
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Lip Liner Desire $ 21.00 NZD
BODYFX Gel Pencil
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BODYFX Gel Pencil $ 16.50 NZD
Kryolan Face Liner $ 18.00 NZD $ 32.50 NZD