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StarDust is a glitter mixture of our GOOD GLITTER (Bio-Glitter) and Synthetic Mica Flakes.


The World's Only Certified Fresh Water Biodegradable Glitter. Apart from its physical appearance Bioglitter™ has different physical properties and is derived from different raw materials than glitter. Invented and manufactured by Ronald Britton Ltd, a British company, Bioglitter™, uses natural and plant derived material as its basis rather than plastic. It is PROVEN through ISO14851/2 freshwater testing of the whole Bioglitter product, core and coating, to quickly biodegrade into harmless substances in the natural environment.


Synthetic mica aims to replicate the effect and appearance of the Natural Mica, whilst alleviating the negative or toxic minerals that can be found in some naturally occurring minerals and also the human rights conditions and concerns associated with some of the mining of natural micas.

Natural Mica is a non-renewable natural mineral, thus making it unsustainable.
By utilising certified synthetic mica, we can ensure they are free from PET plastic glitter. As such, they are biodegradable, safe pigments with no concerns regarding landfill, or waterways concerns.

Sourcing ethical and environmentally-friendly ingredients is an ever-evolving process and we at BODYFX are continually working to improve how our materials are sourced.

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