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The Glitter that makes you feel Good about yourself!

Good Glitter is cosmetic grade, meaning it can be used for application on your face, body, hair and in crafts!

It is also 100% bio-degradable as it’s made from a cellulose that’s derived from Eucalyptus trees, this means you can sparkle guilt free! 

Good Glitter is produced by Bioglitter™

Most commercially available glitters are based on PET film and have minimal biodegradability. It is made from biodegradable film which is derived from sustainable sources. It does not contain genetically modified materials or materials obtained from genetically modified organisms. Good Glitter offers the same precision cut and highly reflective properties as a conventional PET based glitter and is particularly suited to dry, water-based and oil-based applications.

Our Glitter sizes are : 

Fine (150 micron/.006” hex)
Medium (200 micron/.008” hex) 
Chunky (375 micron/.015” hex) 
Super chunky (1000 micron/.040” hex)

We also have our own mixes of colours and sizes like : Ice Cream, Unicorn and our most popular Mermaid! 


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