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    Our Favourite Makeup Schools!

    Did you know that BODYFX used to be a makeup school? 
    We sure were! Nicole and Yolanda started off on Victoria street in Wellington, teaching Full 6 month long courses on body art and special FX makeup. 
    Back then, there were hardly any options on how to learn Special FX or make up  in New Zealand… with limited products available in NZ, also no Youtube or Instagram! :O!
    BODYFX always had a passion for teaching eager-to-learn students, but never quite made it so far to open a “student loan” NZQA approved school. 
    Instead we decided to work together with other makeup schools around New Zealand, to provide them with our awesome products, and also offer some of our knowledge when it comes to Special FX and body art! 
    Yolanda now frequently teaches Special FX, sculpting and face casting at Yoobee Colleges in Christchurch, and Myrthe is teaching Special FX, face and body art  at Te Auaha NZ Institute of Creativity in Wellington.
    There are hundreds of Makeup courses around NZ, with most schools offering Level 3 Makeup & Skincare, but the Special FX courses do vary a bit on what you’ll learn.
    Here are some of our favourite special FX Makeup schools around New Zealand! 

    Auckland : 

    Cut Above -Want to learn sculpting to silicone prosthetic production? Well this is the only school that offers this in NZ! - Check out their Diploma in Special FX & Prosthetic Makeup Artistry Level 5. 

    Click here to check out Cut Above’s Makeup Courses-

    The Makeup School -Offers a Diploma in Film, TV, Fashion & Special FX 

    Run by two of New Zealand’s best film and TV makeup artists,Gabrielle Jones &Dianne Ensor

    Click here to check out The Makeup School’s Makeup Courses-

    Samala Robinson College SRA -The Samala Robinson Academy (SRA) is NewNew Zealand’s leadingfashion makeup academy that is NZQA accredited. It was established in 2000 by leading New Zealand makeup artist Samala Robinson, who has over 25 years of experience in fashion, film and television. Learn SFX, Character, ageing, prosthetic application and Body art

    Click here to check out Samala Robinson Makeup Courses

    Servilles - New Zealand Certificate in Makeup Artistry (Level 4) -learn  practical and theoretical makeup knowledge for a range of clients and environments, such as film, performance and fashion (photographic, catwalk and SFX makeup)

    Click here to check our Servilles’ Makeup Courses -

    Wellington : 

    Te Auaha (Weltec) - Offers a great course which includes full body painting! New Zealand Certicate in “Makeup Artistry” Lvl 4 - Learn corrective techniques, fashion makeup and hairstyling for runway, editorial and private clients. Then study special effects, including character design, facial manipulation, ageing, wig styling, trauma effects and body art. Te Auaha also has a big focus on what it’s like to work back stage and on set, with the opportunity to work for large shows such as World Of Wearable Arts or with the Film School in Avalon Studios. 

    Click here to check out Te Auaha’s Makeup courses -

    Christchurch : 

    Yoobee Colleges:Offers the same Certificate in Makeup Artistry L4 as Te Auaha - but also adds in fantasy bald caps and prosthetic applications. You will also learn to sculpt, mould, apply and paint your own basic prosthetic creations. Also this is the only SFX course that includes Airbrush!

    Click here to check out Yoobee’s Makeup Courses -

    Online :

    The Stan Winston School

    Stan Winston School is the world's premier online destination for learning the art and technology of character creation from Hollywood's leading artists and technical wizards. Creating compelling characters requires a vast range of skills and techniques, from big-budget cinematic approaches to DIY methods you can practice in your home workshop. 

    If you have an internet connection and want the world of SPFX at your fingertips then we highly encourage you to consider this school. 

    Click here to check out Stan Winston online courses -

    Dicksmith Course

    The OG of correspondence SPFX makeup courses if you are serious about SPFX then consider this course. Learn special effects makeup without going to makeup school from Dick’s hand-picked faculty of top Hollywood professionals.  Dick’s Advanced Professional Makeup Course has more Academy Award winning and nominated graduates than all of America’s makeup schools combined. For beginners, Dick’s Basic 3-D Makeup Course has introduced countless aspiring makeup artists to this magical art. 

    Click here to check out Dicksmith online courses -

    As you can see there are multiple options to study Makeup and Special FX around New Zealand, and we suggest you research what these awesome schools have to offer. 

    Of course, if you’re unsure on what you’re most passionate about learning, we’ll always have our monthly one day workshops on special FX, face, and body painting available. As well as our holiday program workshops to help you and your budding FX artist kids decide!