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    I’ve been teaching for over 20 years now, facepainting, specialFX and body art.

    Still amazes me how much you [I mean I] can improve by just repeating a particular design.

    The school I am guest tutoring at, gives me a morning and an afternoon class. I do the demo twice.

    The morning demo was great it showed all the things I wanted to teach, but after taking photo’s I can see where I need to improve and what to do differently.

    Progress of a skull

    The afternoon design has so much more depth and works perfectly.


    epic skull

    It also was a lot faster, I shaved off 15 min of the total application time.

    IRL you don’t often get the chance to do a design twice in quick succession, so I make the most of it and learn.

    I teach young make-up students who often choose to be rather on their phone or at home than practice, I often wonder why they want to come to school if they don’t want to learn. I think they feel that once they have done it once they know how to do it or just put it in the ‘too hard basket’. You can be taught something but that doesn’t mean you learned. In any practical profession, the way to get good; is practice.

    Get those 10000 hours in and you can be awesome.