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    Doing the right thing

    As we all know our planet is rapidly filling up with a crazy amount of plastics.

    New Zealand does not recycle most plastics and only ship a proportion of all plastics.

    The only plastic that does get a chance to be recycled in NZ is PET plastics.

    [check out]

    We at BODYFX are very concerned about the use of plastics and wasteful packaging.

    We have over the years changed a bunch of things to try to make a difference.

    *In our shop you receive all your goodies in a paper bag.

    *Our courier bags are made from plants and are home compostable

    *Products we send out will be wrapped with reused wrapping materials from our suppliers, or we opt for cardboard and paper.

    *Introduced BIO GLITTER to New Zealand!

    • First face paint shop world wide offering RAW Paint - paint sold by the gram in little biodegradable baggies, so you can refill your palettes without buy more hard plastics. 

    *All home made FX products in PET plastic or aluminium tins.

    *try to package our homebrand in cardboard or biodegradable cellophane as much as possible.

    * told all our suppliers to minimize their use excess plastics and packaging.

    NEW Changes

    * We found a NZ supplier of eco ziplock bags, which will be used for our all our hangsell products.

    * Our BIO Glitter pots can be refilled in our shop as they are sturdy and long lasting jar. Bring back your jars and you will receive 40% OFF your glitter

    * In our workshops we will provide facecloths, and do NOT promote the use of babywipes

    * Our FX Homebrand will start to have many items as a refill service. Bring your own bottle or container and we will fill it up with FXGEL, FXBLOOD, and FXLATEX.

    * Our vinyl labels on recycled products will be changed to paper labels with waterbased inks.

    We still aim to make our products look great and 'sexy' with their packaging but when it comes to choosing between looks and the environment. We will choose the latter.

    We hope you understand and agree.

    These are the things we are doing to promote a better environment.

    We are hoping you will work with us to make sure the right things get recycled and reused.

    The team at BODYFX

    Check out the website:

    It has a great video on recycling in New Zealand