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    BODYFX introduced BIO GLITTER, 3 years ago in New Zealand.

    We love this product, and all the colour mixes we have created.

    Since then, more people and companies started bringing in 'Bio Glitters' and we have been asked a lot about iridescent glitters.


    We most certainly have looked into this and found out the following.

    There are currently only 2 companies on the entire planet that manufacture eco-friendly glitters. One company makes Ocean-safe  Biodegradable glitters, which is our supplier and the other company makes  Compostable glitters.

    Our Bio Glitter is made from sustainably sourced eucalyptus tree cellulose.  It can degrade in nature within several months and is deemed Ocean Safe. This is the glitter that has the least harmful impact on the environment and is the best option. The film that they use to make the product sparkle, only comes in certain, small variety of colours and sizes. The colour pigments used are FDA approved and cosmetic grade.

    All iridescent glitters that claim to be Biodegradable are  NOT marine safe and do  NOT Biodegrade in nature.

    These compostable Glitters are a non-plastic glitter, made from plant-based cellulose, such as corn.  But due to the manufacturing process with adding the iridescent film it only degrades in an industrial composting environment.

    We will NOTbe selling Compostable glitters at BODYFX as we live on an island and glitters will find their way to our waterways.

    We LOVE the look of iridescent glitters and we are hoping this will be an option as a BIO-GLITTER eventually. Till then we will keep developing new glitter mixes, so be sure to check out our latest oneshere.

    The Guardian, Exclusive: Tests show billions of people globally are drinking water contaminated by plastic particles, with 83% of samples found to be polluted -