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    The Ultimate Guide to School Fundraising Success: Face Painting Edition

    When it comes to school fundraising, creativity and fun are as important as the cause itself. One of the most vibrant and popular methods to bring smiles while raising funds is face painting. Not only does it offer a canvas for creativity, but it's also a proven crowd-pleaser among children and adults alike. And you can make a LOT of money with a low skill set. 

    Here's your ultimate guide to turning face painting into a fundraising hit, with a nod to BodyFX for being the hypothetical go-to resource for all your needs.

    1. Download All the Free How-To Documents

    Start by equipping yourself with knowledge. BodyFX offers a comprehensive collection of free how-to guides that cover everything from basic designs to health and hygiene guidelines. These documents are invaluable for training your volunteers and ensuring a variety of designs to cater to everyone's tastes as well as the safety of the faces in your hands.

    2. Purchase Recommended Face Paint Supplies

    Quality matters. Use BodyFX's recommended list to buy face paint supplies that are safe, hypoallergenic, and easy to work with. Investing in the right supplies means vibrant colours, happy kids, and satisfied parents. BodyFX has a number of Face Paint Kits for all budgets.

    See our recommended products here

    3. Print Out the How-Tos and Design Pics

    Having hard copies of face painting guides on hand during your event can be a lifesaver. Print out the how-to documents for your volunteers to reference, ensuring they feel confident and ready to create little masterpieces. We have also made up some quick and easy design pics for you to display at your stand! Choose from up to 9 designs to display- you do not have to do all 9- pick the ones you want to do and stick with them. The children can then choose from the designs you have practised- this will leave you feeling confident and at ease with what you are painting. 

    4. Print Out the Fundraising Signage

    Visibility is key. Print out eye-catching fundraising signage that explains your cause, prices, and any special offers. This not only helps in attracting a crowd but also in conveying the spirit of your fundraising efforts. We have made up some quick signage for you- you just need to pop in the price you are wanting!

    5. Have a Practice Session with Some Parent Volunteers

    Practice makes perfect. Organise a session where parent volunteers can practise their face painting skills using the guides. This not only helps in honing their skills but also in building a team spirit among the volunteers. Try out all the designs and as a group you can decide what you want or don't want to paint!

    6. Set Up on the Day

    On the day of the event, ensure your face painting booth is set up in a visible, accessible location. Decorate your booth with colourful signage and examples of face painting designs to draw attention. Wear some fairy wings or tutus or whatever you like to enhance the fun of face painting to draw in the crowds. (you also do not have to do this)

    7. People to Work the Line

    Efficiency is crucial. Have volunteers designated to manage the line, explaining the options to waiting parents and children, and keeping the process moving smoothly. This helps in managing expectations and reducing wait times. It also can help with scanning the waiting children for sickness- generally if there is a visibly sick child in line you would not paint their face- your line manager can then intercept and offer to pop something on their arm or hand, or suggest another activity. 

    8. Hygiene

    Hygiene cannot be overstated. Follow BodyFX's health and hygiene documents to the letter—use a new sponge for each child, clean brushes between faces, and have hand sanitizer readily available. This ensures everyone stays healthy and happy.

    9. Common Issues and Solutions

    Be prepared for any hiccups. Have a quick reference guide for common issues like allergic reactions, design do-overs, or supply shortages. Knowing how to handle these situations calmly and efficiently will keep your booth running smoothly.


    Face painting is not just about the art; it's about the experience. By following these steps and utilising resources like BodyFX for supplies and guidance, your school fundraising event can be a colourful, joyful, and successful venture. Remember, the key to a successful face painting fundraiser lies in preparation, quality supplies, and a dash of creativity. Let the colours flow, and watch the funds grow!


    Head to the School Fundraiser Pack for all your free downloads to get you started-


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