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    New - RAW Paint!

    At BODYFX we are very concerned with waste and pollution in the world, and we try our best to come up with alternative eco conscious products. 

    We are excited to be launching our new product RAW Paint. This is not driven by profit and we are not sure if it is even may only be available for a limited time.. but I feel like we need to give this a try. 

    Sooooo, what is RAW Paint?
    RAW Paint is Fusion and Superstar Paint, that is sent to us in large quantities, without any hard plastic packaging. We are selling this paint in little 10/50gram biodegradable baggies, or 50gram aluminium tins. Aluminium is easily recycled in New Zealand.

    You can then REFILL your empty pallet, container or whatever you would like to use to store your paint in.

    So many face and body painters are refilling their paints into different palettes and are left with hard [non recyclable] plastic.

    This will be a great option for the eco friendly painters and kindies that go through a lot of face paint!


    At the moment we have a mix of 17 wax and glycerine based Facepaint’s.

    We picked our favourite colours and they would refill our 12 colour Face-Art palette perfectly.

    With each purchase of RAW paint, you will also receive some tools to refill your pots, and a little instruction sheet.  

    Consistency from paint to paint can be very different. Different colours seem to have their own texture and hardness.

    White - … for instance is rockhard and requires a little warmth to get it workable. The black is quite crumbly and needs firm pressing.

    The Gycerine paints are a lot more toothpasty and sticky! 

    But it's great refilling our paints, and I'm sure other face painters will love it as well! (as I've noticed many of you have been creating one strokes and refilling for a while now)

    We will NOT be repotting for you as we cannot take responsibility for the cleanliness of containers. But we will give you full instructions on how to do this yourself, and of course send you the product in the most minimal amount of packaging.

    Keep an eye out for our upcoming tutorials on refilling and on how to make splitcakes. Also check out our super curved rainbow in our aluminium tin!

    We are looking forward seeing professional and beginners Facepainters make use of this eco option.

    Let's make it a less wasteful and a more colourful world!