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    Danmala - Festival Guide

    There is a pattern etched into the earth.
    A mark of peace snatched from the sky, and left on the ground.
    Within, you see her. Dancing on her own.
    Her body cuts through the sunshine with every flowing move.
    Others leer in judgement, but with only a smile she tells them
    “I am proud, I am free, I am Danmala”.
    To Create this Danmala Festival look Yolanda Used:

    I didn’t put a base colour down as my model had beautiful skin and I wanted to keep the Danmala design a bit more natural. I started with some electrical tape! I used the tape to create the shapes for my gold Bio-Glitter.
    Tip: If you’re using any kind of tape on somebody’s skin, and you think it may be a little too sticky, stick it onto your clothes first to give the sticky side a little less tack.
    Once I taped off the design I wanted for the Bio-Glitter, I used a new adhesive created by our mum Nicole. I applied the adhesive to the areas I wanted sparkly and added the Gold Mix Bio-Glitter. Then I took the tape off and instantly had a very cool shiny bio-glitter design to work with!
    Now to add some colour! It’s up to you which one strokes you want to use. I suggest laying multiple one strokes next to each other and finding a cool colour scheme. And then just go for it! Use the shape of your model’s body as well as the shapes you’ve created with the Bio-Glitter as a guide to your design. 
    After I finished adding all of my one stroke petals, I used a mandala stencil and airbrushed some Proaiir white to add an extra highlight and a bit of a spiritual flair. Then I added some little extra details like dots and teardrops.
    Last but not least! ADD MORE GLITTER! To add Bio-Glitter in areas that have already dried or in the hair, you can use an aloe vera gel, or a petroleum jelly like Vaseline.
    Show us your Danmala look! By tagging us on Instagram @bodyfxnz
    And be in to WIN a super cool Festival pack from BODYFX