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    Ultimate Blood Kit

    The Ultimate Blood™ Kit is the most realistic and versatile liquid blood system available anywhere. It perfectly simulates human blood in how it looks and flows. Ultimate Blood™ is ideal for creating special effects, medical training and simulation, moulage or any project in need of highest quality theatrical stage blood. Ultimate Blood™ was tested and passed for skin sensitivity.

    Ultimate Blood, Ultimate Control – Make it Thicker, Make it Thinner & Change Color. You can change the viscosity of Ultimate Blood™ on the fly. Change color quickly with color additives.


    • Quickly make Ultimate Blood® darker, lighter, more red, less red, etc. using supplied colors.
    • Quickly thicken or thin (a little or a lot) based on what you need and change again as needed. Viscosity can range from a very thick gel to very thin. Thin enough to be sprayed (or flowed) without changing color. A single batch can be thickened and thinned multiple times.
    • Ultimate Blood® wets out over skin, silicone and other surfaces without beading up.
    • Ultimate Blood® dries to a wet finish without changing color.
    • Dried Blood remains flexible on the skin, silicone and other surfaces without cracking.
    • Color washes off of skin and most surfaces and also out of most fabrics.


    Note: Ultimate Blood™ is not suitable for "in the mouth" use.

    PREPARATION... Store and use at 73°F/23°C. Close containers immediately after dispensing. This product has a limited shelf life and should be used as soon as possible. If compatibility or effectiveness for your application is in doubt, a small-scale test is recommended. Humidity – Blood will take longer to dry in a humid environment.

    DISPENSING & MIXING... Using Blood Straight – Dispense Blood Base into a small cup or onto a pallet and apply. Adding Thixo, Thinner or Color – For best results, always add a little at a time to the Blood Base to reach desired effect. Mix thoroughly with popsicle stick until desired color and viscosity are attained and apply.

    APPLYING... Ultimate Blood™ can be applied in various ways (depending on viscosity) including brushing it on with a chip brush, smearing it on with a popsicle stick or even drizzling or splashing it onto the surface. When the vicosity is thin, it can be sprayed through a dispenser for splatter effects.

    DRYING... Drying time depends on ambient temperature, humidity and thickness of the blood being applied. Average dry time is 15 minutes at 1/32” (0.8 mm) thick at 73°F/23°C. Dry time can be accelerated using a hair dryer on a low setting.

    CLEAN UP... A heavy layer of dried Ultimate Blood can be removed by gently pulling away from the skin. Residual blood can be removed from the skin using hand dishwashing soap and water on a soft cloth. Remove from fabric by applying laundry detergent directly to blood stained area and lightly scrub with a soft cloth until blood shows signs of loosening. Add more detergent and let it penetrate fabric. Soak in cold water and detergent for 30 minutes prior to laundering in a washing machine using a cold water setting.

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