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    Film Essentials Workshops 2024

    DATE: 13th April 930am-4pm

    Introducing our Film Essential Workshop: Your Gateway to the World of Film Makeup Artistry

    Are you dreaming of a career on the exciting and dynamic sets of TV shows and films? To make your mark in the world of makeup artistry within the film industry, you need to master three essential skills: Dirt Breakdown, Tattoo Cover, and Weathered Skin Effects. Our comprehensive workshop, led by the talented Kaysey Taylor, will equip you with the expertise you need to succeed in this thrilling field.

    Dirt Breakdown: Uncover the Art of Grime and Grit

    • Discover the intricacies of dirt layering, from subtle smudges to intense grime, that can add depth and authenticity to your character's appearance.
    • Learn about the different types of dirt and the specialized products used to achieve realistic effects, ensuring you have the right tools for every project.
    • Understand the crucial placement of dirt, tailored to the action and context of the scene, to create a seamless and believable look that captivates audiences.

    Tattoo Cover: Master the Art of Tattoo Concealment

    • Explore the step-by-step process of preparing the skin, concealing ink, and sealing your masterpiece for a flawless finish.
    • Acquire quick tattoo cover techniques suitable for short-term needs like photoshoots, ensuring your clients can confidently showcase their body art without limitations.
    • Dive into the world of waterproof tattoo cover with specialized inks, enabling your clients to confidently immerse themselves in water-based scenes.
    • Understand the differences between using brushes and airbrush techniques for tattoo coverage and choose the right method for your artistic vision.
    • Gain invaluable tips and tricks for covering tattoos of various colors and textures, including raised tattoos, to achieve impeccable results that meet the demands of any project.

    Weathered Skin: Create Realistic Skin Effects

    • Learn to simulate the effects of sunburn and aging on the skin, enhancing the authenticity of your characters' appearances.
    • Master the art of crafting sunburnt skin effects, enabling you to bring scenes under the scorching sun to life with realism.
    • Explore techniques for aging and sun damage, allowing you to transform your actors into seasoned characters with rich narratives.

    This Film Essential Workshop is your key to unlocking the doors to the film industry as a makeup artist. Join us, and let Kaysey guide you through these fundamental skills that are essential for success in the world of TV and film. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your makeup artistry and embark on a thrilling career in the world of entertainment. Enroll now and step into the world of cinematic makeup artistry like never before!​

    Min age is 16, Min attendance for course to go ahead is 6 people.

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