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    Alcohol Palette

    Introducing our brand new BODYFX Alcohol Palette!

    We are really quite proud of it! Its waterproof, extremely durable, non-toxic and produces ultra-realistic effects. 

    Removal: clean with alcohol then soap and water. It is best to moisturise the skin after cleaning.

    • Solid colours activated by FX 99% Isopropyl Alcohol
    • Water and sweatproof results
    • Long-lasting
    • Professional special effects makeup product
    • Non-toxic

    Our BODYFX Alcohol Palette is a super handy, palette containing 8 cells of solid pigment activated by using FX 99% Isopropyl Alcohol

    Key Features:

    These palettes are used for colouring skin, hair and prosthetics in a range of realistic colours which are incredibly long-lasting and are sweat, water and smudge-proof.

    Removal: clean with alcohol then soap and water. It is best to moisturise the skin after cleaning.

    This palette contains colours perfect for creating all kinds of artistic body makeups and includes a couple of great old, vintage tattoo type shades.

    An incredibly versatile palette as you can create endless results by combining various shades.

    *Must be activated with 99% or above alcohol-anything less such as 70% will not be effective.

    NB: These palettes of solid colour can appear dry, cracked & shrunken and this is just the nature of the product- when the pigment evaporates and dries into a solid formula so that it can be put into the cells. This is purely aesthetic and does not affect its performance or quality in any way at all. Also, because the formula is highly concentrated and has to be decanted into the cells using alcohol and then evaporated, this causes some shrinkage and means that the cell can never be quite full/filled to the top/edges. There is no way to set/solidify them in perfect unison so that they can be transported in solid palettes. Once the ISO/alcohol is in contact with the pigment it reactivates it and they work perfectly well without affecting the quality or performance.

    This product is for professional use only.