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So you are new to facepainting? The amount of products and tools can be very overwhelming.
You might just want to paint kids at your childs birthday party or you got roped in to paint at a school gala. Here we will explain and suggest what products you need to get started.


We have 2 different kinds of paints, wax based and glycerine based. 
They can be used together, no problem. All of our paints are water activated, vegan and hypo-allergenic. 
They're all 100% safe for skin, however some colours may stain a little.
We suggest to remove face paint with lots of water, a little soap and for more intense colours use anything oily that’s ok for the skin.


Wax based face paints are paints with paraffin wax. They are especially good for line work, very pigmented, vibrant and come in regular, pearl and neon colours. 

The main wax based brands are - TAG, FUSION, Face Art, Global, Graftobian, Wolfe, and Diamond FX. Many believe that these paints may all come from the same factory, but others prefer certain brands. Most of these paints come in the same packaging. 

Our brands are Face Paint by BODYFX, TAG and FUSION.


Glycerin based face paints are easier for blending since they are more flexible and take a bit longer to dry on the skin. These paints are fine for face painting, but this is something we would definitely recommend for full body painting! 

Our brands are Superstar whic has the largest colour range with regular and pearl colours. We also sell Mehron Paradise, a beautiful range that smells like a tropical island!


Of course depending on what you are painting for, you can adjust your colours choices.

White: for highlights and accents and little flowers

Black: for line work, think tigers and spiderman

Red: for super heroes mostly

Orange: for tigers, cheetahs, etc

Yellow: for tigers, lions, etc

Blue: for water, sky and snow inspired designs

Green: for leaves, monsters, lizards

Brown: for bears, zombies, etc

Pink: for princess designs, butterflies, flowers

Purple: for princess designs, butterflies, flowers

All these colours are in our Face-art Palette and is for most the easiest place to start.


One-strokes are the small, rainbow coloured, rectangular paints, designed to be used with a large #12 Flat brush.

You can create endless designs with these and there are so many to choose from.

But just starting you will want to have a proper rainbow like the Rainbow 4 or Leannes rainbow. As rainbows never go out of fashion and are super easy to do.

Check out the video below to see how to create a rainbow using a one stroke!

Split Cakes

Splitcakes are the larger sized rainbow face paints and you mostly use these with a sponge.

A very fast way to create a multi colour design. We love using these with a petal sponge, for fantastic looking butterflies.

Raw Paint

RAW Paint is Fusion and Superstar Paint, that is sent to us in large quantities, without any hard plastic packaging. We are selling this paint in little 10/50gram biodegradable baggies, or 50gram aluminium tins. Aluminium is easily recycled in New Zealand.Unfortunately due to our way of packaging we are not able to send any RAW Paint over seas, and is available in NZ only. 
Re-fill your empty pots and palettes!

Brushes and Sponges

Professional facepainters may have a very large collection of brushes, however this is really not needed when you get started. 3-5 brushes would be more than plenty. 

Our Face-Art palette comes with 2 brushes, a round and a small flat.

You will need a round brush to begin with for outlining your designs and to create super easy flowers. A small flat brush is also handy for outlining as well as thin whiskers and antenna. If you want to work with a one stroke you definitely need a #12 flat brush.

Sponges come in 2 versions, round and petal. The round ones are best cut in half, so you have a round and a flat side to work with. Great for full face designs and larger faces.

Petal sponges are smaller and  are already shaped perfectly for creating butterfly wings, Spiderman eyes and animal ears


handy little tools for when you want to create perfect little circles, gems and bubbles or want to work with stencils in a very tidy and clean manner.


If you know you're not that confident in any drawing or you need to work really fast you can use a stencil. Our stencils are designed for face painting specifically and have all the popular designs available. You can use a sponge or a dauber through the the stencil with either a single colour or a rainbow for extra awesome effects.