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Size: 10 SHEETS

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TRANSFER PAPER WATER SLIDE 216 x 279 mm (USA Letter Size)

specially designed for you to create your own realistic tattoos.

This paper can be used only with a laser printer and if you want flawless tattoos for personal or commercial purposes please follow the instructions.

Perfect for Professional looking Tattoos for logos, TV and Film, TV Commercial shoots and events

This Paper CANNOT BE USED WITH AN INKJET PRINTER. The coating on this paper you will get the end result that looks like the tattoo has been needled in. This is due to the unique cellulose coating

You can even draw onto the paper

Our New Formula Laser Only Tattoo Paper is our Premium Quality Tattoo Paper giving you 100% Realistic Looking Tattoos when used with our TATTOO LIQUIMATT


Print any design on this paper with a LASER printer to create temporary tattoos

 Product comes with 2 sheets

1. clear acetate paper

2. shiny white transfer paper

Steps on how to use the water slide transfer paper.

 Get the image that you want to transfer

  1. Print the image on the shiny side of the white paper provided

  2. Print only using a monochrome laser printer or colour laser printer. Ink Jet prints will not work

  3. Apply pros-aide with a sponge or brush to the printed area, the pros-aide should dry sticky and clear. (apply the clear acetate paper to the artwork you just completed. The clear paper is only to protect your artwork. It allows you to keep the tattoo in your bag or shelf to use at a later date. If you plan on using the tattoo right away you don't need to cover.

  4. Apply the tattoo to the skin and press down

  5. Spray water over the paper until you see the tattoo image come through

  6. Slowly peel the paper off (the tattoo is a little sticky still to the touch)

  7. Apply 2 sprays of a sealer

    1. Seal the tattoo so it doesn't transfer or come off

    2. Remove the shine from the tattoo and give it a matt look

    3. Coats the pros-aid so it’s no longer sticky

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