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MONSTER MAKERS newest set of 12, very interesting creature skin textures. Great for those unusual Monster skins you can't achieve any other way. Also made of durable urethane so they will last many years.

  • Incredibly durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Contains 12 different skin textures
  • Heavy to fine results
  • Each stamp is approximately 2 inches wide
  • Made from urethane
  • Press into clay to add realistic texture

Monster Makers Texture Stamp Set No.1 is a nifty piece of kit, made from incredibly durable urethane it consists of twelve circles with various textures from very delicate, fine to heavy. Each circle is approximately 2 inches wide.


Use the stamps to impress a realistic skin texture into clay 

Easy to clean using Isopropyl Alcohol.

Use this stamp to create a whole range of really unusual textures when creating aliens and reptiles.

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