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    What's BODYFX Up to?

    What's BODYFX up to and what are we doing to help?

    It’s a very strange time that we’re living in at the moment....

    And strange times can cause a bit of anxiety, with work places closing, and our face paint bookings getting cancelled. To potentially shutting down schools and non essential businesses soon.

    This however does mean that we do have a lot of extra time, and we at BODYFX have some ideas on how to keep yourself and your kids occupied.

    We are introducing some NEW face paint packs for kids! Face paint is non-toxic and safe for kids of all ages.  Kids can use face paint on their skin, as well as paper or anything else.

    Packs will be uploaded on our website this weekend.

    We are also creating an FX Club Mega Box! For those wanting to try out some special FX.

    FX Club is a monthly special fx subscription box created by us. Each month you get a new box filled with everything you need to create super realistic special FX designs. You also receive a secret Youtube tutorial by Yolanda. We will be putting together some of our previous boxes to create a Mega box! To keep you occupied!

    On our Facebook and Instagram page, we have posted a very cool Face Paint and Makeup Challenge called - One Face A Day.
    Starting from the 22nd of March - create a Face Paint OR a Makeup based on the day's theme.

    Feel free to join whenever you like, or challenge yourself and do them all!

    There's no pressure or bad designs, just a bit of fun while we all have some more time to be creative Tag @bodyfxnz and #onefaceaday and show us your creation for the day. We will be giving out SPOT PRIZES for those who create heaps of art, and also for some designs that we love!

    And lastly we are offering FREE workshops on our youtube channel, so you can upskill your face painting. We currently have 5 new One Stroke workshops online and will be uploading more videos every week. Check them out! -

    With our dwindling work and our extra time, let’s all look after each other and support our face and body art community!

    We can do this by :

    • Sharing each other’s work!
    • Inspiring new face painters and teaching them new tricks!
    • Staying in touch or introducing yourself to new artists
    • Offering advice, and sharing your experiences when it comes to running a small business

    The BODYFX shop will remain open at this time, and we’re doing everything we can to keep our shop clean and to make sure our products are sanitised - before they go on the shelves and before they get sent to you!

    If you have any questions for us, please don’t hesitate to ask. Best way to contact us is via our facebook or instagram page <3

    Stay happy, healthy and creative out there!

    With love from the BODYFX Team <3 <3